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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow and the Northwest

Well, Orange on Sixth has been closed for the last two days. Due to snow and freezing rain. I was here yesterday but not a soul on the road. The whole Northwest shuts down when it snows. Not sure why. Do they just not know how to drive in the snow? How to shovel? Growing up in Utah, we go to work, we go to school. I have been Northwesternized over the last 15 years and I now enjoy a day off due to snow. However, when it snows, we make no money. As a shop owner you only make what you earn. Some go to work, have an unproductive day, a sickness, whatever it maybe, and they get paid. You don't as a shop owner. I need to pay for two girls lunches, clothes (that their dads new wife seems to think I don't buy?) We all have a life to live. Tough to live though when it's on hold due to snow. So glad I have 4 wheel drive Hyundai! Here's some pictures of the snow and shop :) Thanks for reading.


  1. My van was flippin frozen in my driveway for days - the doors literally welded shut by ice!

    I miss the income from not going to work all week but I got so much done on a personal level it was amazing - in fact, it's left me exhausted today - all that work and growth and connecting <3

  2. Good Deb! Glad you got a lot done :) Rest and rock next week! xoxox