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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinning and Orange

Hi all! Hope all is well and you are planning your fashion for the week with much fervor. No? Who has time for that? Styling is hard, you must think more about accessories. Change up an outfit with your accessories. I was thinking about this after I "pinned" one of my esty listings. I am, you wouldn't think, but very picky about what I buy, clothing wise. I'm very French in that regard. I buy the basic vintage dress, the basic cardigan. But I go hog wild on jewelry. You can change up an outfit so easily by just adding a new necklace, even a new ring. It's the most inexpensive way to express yourself. Think about scarves in that way too. In the 1940's with the depression, women in their amazing way to find a new outfit with little money started sewing collars that just go around the neck and clasp or tie. Either crocheted or out of fur, whatever they had around. It's one of my favorite looks. So you don't have to spend a lot to change things up. Check out my pins, it helps come up with new ideas as to what you might wear on Monday! Take care :)

Source: via Laurel on Pinterest

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow and the Northwest

Well, Orange on Sixth has been closed for the last two days. Due to snow and freezing rain. I was here yesterday but not a soul on the road. The whole Northwest shuts down when it snows. Not sure why. Do they just not know how to drive in the snow? How to shovel? Growing up in Utah, we go to work, we go to school. I have been Northwesternized over the last 15 years and I now enjoy a day off due to snow. However, when it snows, we make no money. As a shop owner you only make what you earn. Some go to work, have an unproductive day, a sickness, whatever it maybe, and they get paid. You don't as a shop owner. I need to pay for two girls lunches, clothes (that their dads new wife seems to think I don't buy?) We all have a life to live. Tough to live though when it's on hold due to snow. So glad I have 4 wheel drive Hyundai! Here's some pictures of the snow and shop :) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vintage women's clothing and marketing

What does this ad say? To you? I'm older now, and the ad/photo would not bother me to death, like it used to as a young feminist. But here she is changing a tire! That's bad ass :) I worry a lot less about advertising. That just comes with age. The complacency. A shame to admit to the complacency however I do, still notice, this marketing towards women. It's been happening for centuries. Love it and hate it as well. As a vintage clothing and fashion blogger I look for images, I see these and my brain hurts. Why do we fall for the mass engineered stereotype of the woman? Consumers that like vintage and resale push those limits and stereotypes. They dress with individuality and a flair the masses do not share but highly admire. Step inside a thrift/vintage store and explore, ask for help. Step outside your box :)