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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small business helping others

Tacoma has been a hub for inexpensive vintage and clothing resale for sometime now. We have 6 buy sale trade clothing xchanges here in town. Its a lot for one little town. You have to be really good at what you do. If you succeed at this business, you better be good. In my opinion one of the best places in town is Vanity, so glad we are close! She's right next door to me now. Also Nine Lives Vintage is Down the street by Old Milwaukee Cafe (the bomb cafe!). Next to where the Bead Factory used to be. Vanity's facebook is Nine Live's facebook is I left a note on a new place's facebook page stating "Welcome to the resale world" they erased it. But favorited the page? Not sure what that is about. I think competition is good. Especially if it is fair and their intentions are good. The consumer appreciates it and knows if your intentions are good. It's the karma of running a business. I found a mentor in Melanie at Vanity. She wants me to make money, be successful. Lots of my customers want Orange to be successful. I love my customers. I find the greatest joy in giving the gift of the unusual, vintage, resale, the love of the old to the young. The youth. When I was in college in Salt Lake City. There was a store called Grunts and Postures. I think that store is why I do what I do. Thank you, to you. Their customer service sucked. But the store rocked. My customers like that I will help them, smile at them. We are not too cool for you Tacoma. It's OK if your not a hipster, or all Tattooed head to toe. We still believe you have the right to shop cool ;) xoxo Laurel.

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