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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giving Local and Resale for Christmas

I have really noticed a difference in business this year. This month is usually slow for me, so Orange was expecting another slow December. Attributed to the fact that most shoppers are at the mall buying "new" for gifts. But this year feels different. Especially since the 15th, people got paid and are really doing the local thing. When you put your money where your mouth is, it shows. One nice young guy bought his mom a nice pink pashima. It would of been $50.00 in the store. He bought it for $16.00. Nice savings. The one thing I love about the Northwest, is people really walk the walk. Yes, there is a lot of pompousness, but even those that drive a Prius, are trying to make a difference. My customers are low maintenance, fashion conscience, and nice people. Who want to make a differences. I like that. I don't have to baby them. I help them and they help me. They bring in their fashions they don't wear, and I give them cash or store credit. Fueling the economy, not Goodwill triple digit manager incomes. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to start a arguing thread but Goodwill makes a lot of money. I am a one woman show. I am a single mom. Shopping local at Orange keeps the dollars here, in Tacoma. Thanks thrifters, recyclers, fashionistas, Tacoman's :) Merry Christmas and thank you for keeping it local.


  1. Loved this! But of course, your store is so fabulous, who wouldn't want to shop there!

  2. Awwwe, see, exactly why I love what I do! Because of you <3

  3. triple digit executive salaries... really?!? that is sick. glad i've switched from Goodwill to Orange!