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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resale Tacoma Vintage and Trendy where do you go?

So the manager/owner of the Runway Fashions contacted me. He is a local business. They are run by a local couple and I can't wait to meet them. What a nice phone call. We had a good chat about what the Tacoman resale buyer and seller need. And as is the Orange philosophy, the more places the seller and buyer have to go, the better. Again, you have to be good at what you do. And reach out to the community. What is nice about resale is the cash is going right back into the hands of locals. If they choose to spend those dollars locally we all benefit. You have to have the Nordstrom of customer service. Nordstrom started in the Northwest, North westerners need good service, they require it. They want you to be local. They want you to have a good product that won't fall apart. You need to stand by your product. When you buy something at Walmart the dollars are not local, they are spent on factories in China, fuel to ship all the products. That makes our dependence on oil even more significant. If you buy local and spend local our dependence on oil is less and we can sustain ourselves without war. Get it? It's a big deal people. So if you have name brand clothes that you don't wear anymore, don't go to Plato's closet that is a public traded company on Wall street. Go to Runway Fashions!!! Educate yourself. Fashion speaks politics, it speaks to your inner self, who you are. We dress to tell people who we are and what we think. I like that. I don't judge on fashion, I appreciate your desire to "be" and express it! Love ya! Orange Cloth Blogger

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