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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Selling Out

I'm not sure, OK I am, I sold out. It's been awhile my peeps but as anti mall, local, and thrifty as I was I thought "I gotta pay the mortgage". For the last two years I've been doing mortgages for various credit unions, banks, mortgage offices. One of my customers got me into it, and THANK GOD!! After my ex took me back to court and made me pay him back $25,000.00 in unused daycare funds, I had to close my love of my life vintage/resale shop. It was heartbreaking, mind blowingly unbelievable to do. No choice in the matter. So I have a garage full of vintage clothes and a empty heart for vintage. My soul hurts to do it again. The self esteem and love I maintained is like nothing I will have again. My daughters helped with the store we worked our fingers to the bone to make it succeed, and we did! You voted us #1 vintage store in Tacoma by the Volcano Weekly. Anyhow.... back to selling out. I'm working at --- for the holidays. I must say, it's the biggest fucking racket ever. Maybe I'm just doing research.... On so many levels it's the worst job I've ever had. My liberal mind just wants to unionize this company so bad! They dangle this commission carrot out in front of you but it's completely unobtainable. I have this 20 year old girl (two managers are 20) telling me "What can I do to help YOU sell more?" What a contrived rehearsed pos statement that is!! I was selling before they could even walk! Running my own store when they were eating ice cream and texting. Anyhow just wanted to check in, I gotta go sell out. Miss my customers so much!

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